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Before you carry out due diligence, you are bound to have some preliminary questions about the Turo platform and its architecture.

Below, we have answered some typical questions that are asked by our prospective clients.

Who does Turo integrate with?

We integrate with the following key suppliers, This is isn't an exhaustive list, we are constantly adding new integrations driven by client-specific requirements. Current integrations include:

  • AMS and Iress Exchange for product quotes
  • CRM and case management
  • Various suppliers for Single Sign On (via SAML)
  • SendGrid or MailChimp / Mandrill for bulk/transactional emails
  • Intercom for in-app chats
  • Calendly for in-app appointment set-up
  • We are currently working on CRM integrations for clients including Salesforce

How do you assure the advice algorithms are correct?

This is an area that we regularly build into our project plan with tenants.  We find that each tenant has their own internal sign-off processes, so we would work with you to fit in with your needs.

Our financial advisers and quality engineers will work with you to define the advice models, taking the following steps:

  1. Agree the advice criteria to satisfy all stakeholders and ensure that the algorithm/model is functioning as expected.
  2. Refine the test suite to include coverage of the agreed criteria.
  3. Agree the evidence that will be produced to show tests passed/failed.
  4. Automate the test suite so that it can be run repeatedly for on-going assurance.

What makes up Turo's architecture?


Each micro-service, where necessary, has its own database and owns access to it.

We use PostgreSQL, MongoDB and DynamoDB. The data is row-level encrypted and where querying is needed on individual PII fields, we use blind indexes.

For management information purposes we ETL via our RESTful APIs and push data into our data lake via Kinesis streams as well as anonymising it where appropriate.

The data lake is made up of S3 and PostgreSQL which power our Grafana dashboards.


Our UIs are written in React and are served from our Cloudfront CDN.

Data access is achieved via our API gateway which authenticates requests using JWT verification.

Data is fetched via our REST API's which exist on all our microservices.

Each microservice, where necessary, has its own PostgreSQL, MongoDBor DynamoDB database and owns access to it.


The Turo platform is built around a micro service architecture with private and public APIs linking modules together. This makes it relatively straight forward to integrate with 3rd-party systems when and where necessary.

Extending the core platform capability to build on existing or include new APIs is always under constant review.  


Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides us with a world class, highly resilient global infrastructure.  We select AWS centres within the EU. 

We currently maintain two application load balancers in Dublin, and can move to any AWS centre if required.

What's your approach to data security?

Data security

Our principles are:

  • Shared: We treat security as a shared responsibility.
  • Systematic: Managing security is a systematic, continuous activity.
  • Safe: Ultimately, our approach is about keeping our customers and ourselves safe.

We have a comprehensive management system which holds our policy, risk and control information. It raises and tracks tasks to ensure they are continuously reviewed and improved.

ISO 27001

Wealth Wizards holds accredited certification to ISO 27001. This is an independent, expert assessment that our information security is managed in line with international best practice and business objectives.

We have extended this approach to manage risks across our entire business.

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