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Enable your clients to be better-equipped for retirement, more savvy about their pension and more empowered to make a change.

Who does this help?

With auto-enrolment, the take-up of pensions has never been higher, yet the majority of individuals have no idea how a pension works or how they can influence their future retirement.

This module aims to educate people about their pension, so that they can increase the chances of a better retirement for themselves.

It is designed for those who are more than 10 years away from retirement. It shows the client’s projected retirement income on an interactive dashboard.

The client is able to see the impact of changing different factors such as their retirement age and learn about how they are able to influence their retirement income in future.

NEW ADDITION: The PLSA Retirement Living Standards are now available as an add-on or as an additional journey. They enable users to model three kinds of future according to the lifestyle they want when they retire. This aims to make planning for a suitable retirement income easier.

Client objectives

Learn how the following factors can influence one's income in retirement:

  • Retirement age
  • Contribution amount
  • Employer contributions
  • Retirement income expectations
  • Retirement lifestyle choices

The client can also learn about:

  • Auto-enrolment
  • Annual allowances
  • Lifetime allowance
  • Pension death beneficiaries


The module features links to additional information that will help improve the client’s knowledge about pensions.

Update pension death beneficiary

Increase in knowledge about personal pension: Client will be better-informed about their pension and more acquianted with how they can maximise their income in retirement.

Retirement living standards: client can understand how much they need in retirement based on their lifestyle choices.

Retirement Living Standards

You can try out the Retirement Living Standards tool here for yourself

Key features

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