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Just like a rainforest - financial advice is a balanced ecosystem

July 29, 2020

It takes hundreds of years to balance an ecosystem in nature; with plants, animals and minerals working together in harmony.

Yet, while it is also an ecosystem, the financial advice business can achieve this harmony at speed. The Turo platform from Wealth Wizards has three important objectives when it comes to your business ecosystem…integration, integration and integration because this is the key to balancing the ecosystem.

So how long does balance in the business ecosystem take?

One of the biggest challenges our clients perceive is that integrating our Turo platform as part of their business ‘eco-system’ could be onerous and time consuming. Does it take forever (as we don’t have that long)? The short answer is no, it doesn’t! We have the right people and the right tech to make integration simple and painless. Our job, as we see it, is to take the heavy lifting from you and make this happen.

But here, more than ever, the devil is in the detail. Let’s do what we do best and take a complicated challenge and break it down into something better and more easy to understand, starting by the five most common questions we are asked on the subject of implementing an eco-system for an advice business, that results in seamless client and adviser experiences in both the front and back office.

1. We don’t want to have to re key data between our own CRM system (which we have spent a lot of money on) and some new technology – this seems pointless!

We understand this! Our Turo core algorithm platform can be integrated with your CRM system using open APIs. For example, if you use AMS or IRESS Exchange for product quotes, Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office for CRM and case management you will already be using technology that integrates seamlessly with our Turo platform – minimising any  re-keying required.

We will also integrate with Salesforce and other CRM systems – plus various third party suppliers with the aim of enabling single sign-on.  Equally important from a customer engagement perspective is integration with SendGrid or Mailchimp or Mandrill for example for bulk transactional emails or intercom for in-app conversations.

Many clients also use Calendly for in-app appointment set-up. All of these integrations ensure no time is needed re-keying so there are obvious time saving and resource gains but also increased quality of customer experience – this makes it easy for clients to reach you, and communicate with you, and it’s all part of the same eco-system. We don’t like being alone….

2. How do we ensure customers don’t end up being asked the same questions in different channels? This is not going to help the digital experience at all.

All customer experiences (especially digital ones) should be quick, easy and seamless. Not only is keying in data time consuming, it’s also incredibly annoying when you are asked the same thing over and over again! If this happens, it seems to the customer that you have not listened and for you also, it’s a huge waste of time.

Technology is designed to take out the heavy lifting, not to create more work! All Data on the Turo platform is transferable between our customer engagement tool (Turo Digital) and our back office adviser tool (Turo For Advisers) – these two products together providing a seamless data journey between channels to minimise duplication of effort and re-keying of data.

More time is left for the important conversations, using the data gathered and not spending time on the data gathering itself! Perfect for remote working, also with a positive customer experience and no frustrations.

3. Can you create an ecosystem using different technology providers?

Think of an eco-system as a structure made up of customer journeys, that must seamlessly work together between adviser and client. We work with other technology providers to create seamless customer journeys that comprise this eco-system. So, yes – this is possible.  

Our discovery team will review the entire customer journey, from on-boarding to fulfilment to establish the most efficient, effective and compliant end-to-end process. This enables your business to evolve – without re-inventing the wheel. Our aim is to streamline and simplify the process and to improve and facilitate high quality, useful client engagement. Many parts make a whole – we will make sure they work together and remain 100% consistent and compliant.

4. Can we transfer data from other technology systems into Turo?

Yes. Turo has integration links with systems such as Intelligent Office and we have on our road map integration with other CRM providers – this is driven by client requirements.

Wherever possible we will also push and pull data to minimise duplication of effort and re-keying of data. The systems that our clients now use, drive the order in which this integration happens. We want to do more and encourage adviser firms to talk to us to make their eco-system as robust as it can be.

5. This all sounds great. Simple, connected, easy to use but where does XPLAN/iO fit into this? Adding the Turo platform at the heart of my eco-system feels more like a replacement rather than an accompaniment. How can I explain to the rest of the business how the Turo platform fits in with our overall tech stack?

Duplicating resource, adding complexity and following others is not what Wealth Wizards is about. A picture speaks a thousand words so in order to answer this – have a look at this.

How Turo fits into the advice ecosystem is described in more detail in this video:

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